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Updated Google Images UI

Google Images seems to have updated its user interface a bit, it seems to be a permanent change, for better or worse, but Google has occasionally previewed features only to update or remove them soon after. Now, when you're searching for images the keywords for the image and the image itself are the only things displayed. The URL of the page is hidden until the user mouses over the thumbnail of the image. Although this simplifies Google Images a lot and was most likely a move to increase usability, it is currently quite quite buggy in both Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7. The hover area sometimes overlaps on other thumbnails and the page browser at the bottom of the page.

It's not a big gaff, but for a website as often used as Google Images, it's less polished product than I have come to expect from Google. You can view examples of the problems below. Hover over images to see the caption, click to enlarge.

Google Images New UI Google Images New UI Google Images New UI Google Images New UI Google Images New UI
Kevin C. Jan. 24th 2007 kcas88@gmail.com

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