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Usability Upgrade: Big Text etc.

Three minor usability changes this week. Most noticeably is that we've switched to using "em" font sizes rather than pixels. What that means for you is that no matter what resolution you view the site at, the text will always be readable. It also means that the text probably appears bigger, because the default 1em setting at 1024x768 is larger than our old text size of 13px. We like it better, our eyes like it better, and we hope you will too.

In addition, other changes were made to improve usability at lower and higher resolutions than the common 1024x768. We also increased the line width to 1.4em so the text isn't so scrunched together. Come back next week for more usability improvements. In the mean time, you can learn more about typography as it relates to the Internet with the Information Architects.

Kevin C. December 5th 2006 kcas88@gmail.com

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