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Tripcodes are for jerks!

Tripcode Generating Guide using MTY and Tripcode Explorer

Generate unique and recognizable tripcodes with this guide.
Intel Q8200

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 Overclocking and Debunking

Tom's Hardware was unable to get this processor above 2.68Ghz. This guide shows 3.4Ghz is a more realistic result.
Intel PRO/1000 MT

Intel PRO/1000 MT Gigabit Network Adapter Review

Dedicated network adapters are workhorses in the server world. Benchmarking shows if the Intel PRO/1000 MT has any benefits for the home user.
Various Ethernet Cables

Ethernet Cable Identification and Use

Learn how to identify various ethernet cables, and what that identification means in your network with this new guide.

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